Product Information

All our ingredients are fully-disclosed on every product panel. No proprietary blends can be found here! To learn more about the benefits of our ingredients click through on our product pages or send us a chat!

Yes, our products are intentionally formulated without the use of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and dyes.

We do not use any ingredients specifically for coloring. Any colors you see after mixing our products are naturally occurring or the effects of the raw materials (like vitamins!)

We use Green Balance Alkalizing Blend® which is a synergistic "green" formula of concentrated alkaline superfoods. A valuable source of naturally occurring phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, it helps boost energy, assist with mineral replenishment, provide optimal support for the body, and helps the body to maintain a healthy pH balance.

Additionally, a versatile multi-enzyme complex is included to offer aid in proper digestion and better absorption of nutrients.

In addition to sugar-free electrolyte replenishment, our Hydration includes the world's most powerful science-backed ingredient, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) ketones. These ketones are bio-identical to the ketones produced endogenously when someone eats a low-carb diet; the body releases fat and the liver converts fats into ketones, as an alternative high energy source for the brain, heart, and muscles.

Ketones are the body's – especially the brain's – preferred fuel source and are proven to aid in the following:

  • improves mental focus and concentration
  • improves workout mood
  • provides powerful dual fuel for sustained performance
  • provides instant pre activity natural energy
  • reduces exercise recovery time
  • reduces lactic acid production
  • provides essential electrolytes for hydration

Nearly everyone is deficient in these 3 vitamins:
Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin C. That’s why we added them to every Groove product, so you won’t be caught short again. And then we went a step further and added Alpha GPC (helps your focus) and Himalayan salt (helps increase nutrient absorption and lower blood pressure).

100%! Groove products are third-party tested for identity, purity, strength and composition, as well as contaminants.

Usage and Dosage

Of course! It's not always easy knowing what supplements to take when. Our signposts point towards the ideal time to enjoy each of our products, however, you do you! Aminos are great before, during, and after activity. Proteins are great for after activity recovery, but also anytime you want to curb cravings.

Our only recommendation is to refrain from taking our pre-workout within four hours of bedtime, as the caffeine can interfere with your sleep.

Absolutely! Our proteins are delicious simply mixed with water, but for a creamier, higher-calorie drink mix it with a milk of your choice or add it to your morning smoothies!

Ordering and Shipping

Not yet, but we are working to open markets outside of the U.S. soon!

You can find a link to our return policy in the footer. We want to make you happy, if you have any issues, our customer experience team will make it right. Just give us a call or send us a note and we'll take care of you :)

Please allow 2-3 business days to process your order and 5-7 business days for shipping. However, our products usually arrive to our customers within 4-5 days of ordering.

Not at this time, but if we find this is a need for our customers we will look into adding it. You can save 10% on every order when you put your items on autoship through our subscribe and save program. Or you can save 15% by becoming a member!

After your order ships you will receive an order update via email that will contain your tracking number. If you are having any trouble at all tracking your order, please reach out to our team – wegotyou@getyourgroove.com