I want my groove back.

I want my groove back.

Mar 2024

I miss my groove.

I’m currently living vicariously through memories of my past grooves: running, bootcamps, gyms, golf, classes, sand volleyball, rec basketball, kickball tournaments, beer pong tournaments…

None of which I do anymore because [insert excuse here]. 

I want to find that again. Live again. 

It’s easy to fall into the “cycle of life” and forget to enjoy it. 

When you’re taking care of your body—moving your body, pushing your body—your body is happy. You’re happy. So then why is it so hard sometimes?

I don’t understand it myself. There have been times in my life, both before and after having children, that I have been absolutely committed to exercising habitually. Lunch breaks at the driving range just so I can learn the game. Sand volleyball leagues and weekend kickball tournaments. Before sunrise boot camps in parking lots and after work boot camps in parking lots and on and on and on. I was on.

But during those same times I have allowed myself extensive periods of sedentary time. And I mean SED-EN-TAR-Y. Years at a time. In a rut. Not moving my body beyond everyday 9-5 office and home/mom life. I was off.

For the past 3(4?) years I’ve been stuck in my worst rut. I could blame it on life changes (and I do). Professional life changes, personal life changes—all long, transformational events that happened simultaneously and definitely knocked me off course. Off my game. Out of my groove. 

But I’m done with blaming and making excuses. I’m ready to move and have fun again. It’s time to live again! 

I built this brand for people like me. The sometimes-relatively-always-except-as-of-late weekend warriors, social sportsters, and body movers. Those of us who don’t relate to sports nutrition through ripped bodies in the latest activewear dry scooping at the gym. But rather happy people out enjoying an active life their way, however that may look. 

As much as I love the brand, I love the products. I’ve never been a habitual supplement user. I’ve purchased a bunch, all types and brands, but never committed any to my daily routine long term. I’ve always found them to be so sweet and medicine-y. Groove is the opposite of that.

Our products are light and crisp with a clean and natural flavor. Maybe my palate has matured, but I don’t want to drink liquid candy. I want something that tastes real because it is real. And works because it’s formulated to work! No fakes or fillers. No artificial junk. Just a completely clean ingredients list without useless amounts of stuff that have no beneficial effects.

I’m so excited to launch this brand! And I’m even more excited to make these products a part of my daily routine. But I’m most excited to get out there and get my body moving! It’s time to have some fun again. I’m back on and back in my groove. Come join me!


Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer